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Outdoor Revolution Movelite T4 Highline Driveaway (2018)

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Outdoor Revolution Movelite T4 Highline Driveaway (2018)

Movelite T4 Highline Driveaway

The “Movelite T4” is a brand-new drive-away air-awning introduced for 2017. The ideal choice for the motorhoming family; this product has flexible sleeping pod options (sleeping up to four adults using an optional inner tent), ample living space and an integrated front-porch area. Now available in three cowl heights; this product looks superb on any van!


  • 250HD Double-Rip Stop. Endurance. Fabric - The Ultimate Strength to Weight Ratio of Any Material.
  • 4 Single Oxygen Air-Frame Tubes - Easy to Erect Multiple Inflation Point Frame.
  • Dynamic Speed Valve - The Quickest, Simplest & Most Reliable Inflation Valve on the Market.
  • Intelligent Frame Relief Valve Protection System - Our Exclusive Pressure Relief Valve to Prevent Over-Inflation, Expelling Excess Air Above 6PSI.
  • Lifetime Guarantee - On the Tubes/Air-Frame.
  • Sewn In Groundsheet - To Reduce Moisture Ingress & Add Convenience.
  • Includes Groundsheet for Canopy Area - To Extend the Living Area.
  • Tinted Windows - To Reduce Glare & Increase Privacy.
  • Embossed Zip In Curtains - For Further Privacy & a Feeling of Homliness.
  • Phoenix Mesh. Doors - Assisted-Healing 'Smart' Mesh that Self-Repairs 'Snag' Damage Caused Over Time.
  • Two Rear Cowl Access Doors - To Allow Entry to the Vehicle Without Traipsing Through the Whole Awning.
  • Three Reflective Endurance Storm Straps - For Unequalled Stability Throughout Poorer Weather Conditions.
  • Three Available Cowl Heights - Lowline, Midline & Highline to Fit 99% of Caravans.
  • Includes Electrical Hook-Up Point - To Power Electrical Appliances within the Tent.
  • Includes Pegs, Lumi-Link/Lumi-Lite Attachment Points & Dual-Action Hand Pump.
  • TOTAL WEIGHT: 29kg
  • WIDTH: 310cm
  • DEPTH: 495cm
  • HEIGHT RANGE: 255cm-305cm 
  • COWL DEPTH: 90cm
  • PACK SIZE: 80*50*50cm