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Nishikoi Fish Food

Nishikoi fish foods are packed in water resistant jars that are 100% re-sealable. They are also foil sealed (just like your coffee jar at home!) so you can be sure that your food stays fresher for longer and retains it's vitamins.
The award winning pond and koi foods provide a range of nutritionally complete diets from floating pond sticks through to the higher specification Growth and Professional foods.
Nishikoi fish foods are developed by leading fish nutritionists to meet the specific needs of all types of pond fish and koi throughout the year.
Available in a wide variety of pellets and sticks our foods contain the vitamins and minerals your fish need to stay HEALTHY and are perfect for all pond fish including Koi, Goldfish, Orfe and Tench.

You will always find discounted fish food at Pondsuperstores.

Our foods contain:

  • the anti oxident action of vitamin C & E which helps the immune system
  • vitamin D for strong bone formation
  • spirulina (enriched with fatty acids) that aid natural colour
  • highly digestable quality fishmeals