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NetFloat Rings - 20 Pack

£29.99 £29.99
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NetFloat Rings - 20 Pack

Net Float Rings Protecting Your Fish - Pack of 20

  • Covers Approx 3.5 Linear Metres (11 feet) of pond permeter when laid 2 deep.
  • Best for small or irregularly shaped ponds
  • Low cost way to protectvaluable fish from attack by herons, seagulls and cats.
  • Suitable for all sizes and shapes of pond. Use secateurs to shape around plants and features.
  • No frames, fixings, or tools required - just clip together to fit the shape of your pond. Can easily be removed for cleaning, and quickly re-fi tted.
  • Can be installed in less than 10 minutes
  • Almostinvisible in use
  • No unsightlynetting
  • Manufactured in the UK