Lotus Otter Legend 3300 Pond Pump

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Lotus Otter Legend 3300 Pond Pump

Lotus Otter Legend 3300 Pond Pump

The Otter Legend Pump models from the 1500 upwards makes them ideal for use as fountain pumps or in a fountain/waterfall combination plus they can be used to run smaller pond filtration kits.

The introduction of the advanced design ‘anti clog’ filter cage greatly reduces the need to clean the pumps and because less of the solid materials pass through the pump it significantly extends the life of the motor.

Ideal for: For fountains / water features / waterfalls / Filtration

Max Flow: 3296litres / 726 gallons

Flow @ 1.0m: 2500 litres / 551 gallons

Flow @ 1.5m: 2200 litres / 485 gallons

Flow @ 2.0m: 1040 litres / 229 gallons

Max Head: 2.4m

Wattage: 60 watts

3 Year