Cryptocoryne wendtii 'Green' 1-2-Grow - Aquarium Plant

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Cryptocoryne wendtii 'Green' 1-2-Grow - Aquarium Plant

Cryptocoryne wendtii 'Green' 1-2-Grow - Aquarium Plant
100% clean & healthy aquarium plant, free from algae, snails and pesticides.

Small plants with great success. 1•2•Grow! Are very young plants cultivated and delivered directly from our laboratory. The plants are guaranteed to be free from snails, algae and pesticides and therefore are totally harmless for sensitive shrimp and fish. The range offers unique plants!

Success with your aquarium depends largely on the proper plant choice. In a 1•2•Grow! cup you buy a myriad of plants which can be divided into small portions and cover a larger area. Plants are compact from the start so you will experience a dense and beautiful growth, if you give them the right fertiliser and CO2 from the start! The range is perfect for small and medium sized aquariums, and your patience will be rewarded...

Cryptocoryne wendtii ‘Green' presents beautiful, green leaves and a height from 10-15 cm with a rosette from 8-15 cm wide.

When grown in an open space, the leaves will virtually lie on the bottom. Like most other Sri Lanka Cryptocorynes, it also grows well in hard water. Easy to grow, it thrives in almost all conditions, even in the shadow of larger plants.

A fresh green group of Cryptocoryne wendtii ‘Green' will decorate any tank.

Tropica Plant info

Type: Rosulate

Origin: Asia

Country or continent where a plant is the most common. Cultivars arise or are bred in cultivation.

Growth rate: Medium

Growth rate of the plant compared to other aquatic plants.

Height: 10 - 30+ (Average height (cm) of the plant after two months in the tank.)

Light demand: Medium

The average or medium light demand of an aquarium plant is 0,5 W/L.

CO2: Medium

A medium need in CO2 is 6-14 mg/L. A high demand in CO2 is approx. 15-25 mg/L.