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Blagdon Minipond Duo 4500 Pond Filter Kit

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Blagdon Minipond Duo 4500 Pond Filter Kit

Minipond filters create a clean and healthy environment for your fish.
A minimum of maintenance is needed due to its unique five-stage filter design.
Each system comes complete with a Minipond 2000 pond pump and are the ideal solution all round for the smaller water garden.
Low maintenance, unique 5 stage filter design. U.V., graded foams, biomedia and polymer carbon cartridge
Integrated power compact high output UVC clears Green Water
Hinged lid allows easy access for cleaning and maintenance.


Included Pump:  Minipond 2000

Included Filter: Minipond 4500

Included UVC: 5 Watt

System suitable for ponds with:

Low Fish Stocks:

High Fish Stocks:

Recommended Inlet Hose:
25mm (1')

Oulet Pipe (Rigid):
38 mm (1 1/2')