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Blagdon Brilliant Pond Tablets Pack Of 3

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Blagdon Brilliant Pond Tablets Pack Of 3

Brilliant Pond Tablets Blagdon Water Treatment Pack Of 3

Fast acting solution to make your pond crystal clear.

Clearing green or cloudy water, string algae, blanket weed or when there are heavy silt and waste deposits in the pond

Each tablet treats up to 110 gallons / 500 Litres

Brilliant Pond Tablets are an easy to use fizzing tablet which can be used to initially remove waste and sludge, clear green and cloudy water or blanket weed. After the initial dose, Brilliant Pond can be used as a monthly preventative to reduce pond waste and maintenance tasks.

Brilliant Pond Tablets can be safely used monthly as a preventative measure

• New easy to use fizzing tablet formula
• Effective against blanket weed, green water and pond waste
• Unique active formula reduces pond waste and maintenance
• Each tablet doses 500 litres