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Fish Pod 48

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Fish Pod 48

The Interpet Fish Pod 48 is a complete aquarium ideal for the home and makes aquarium fish keeping easier and more successful than ever before while also providing a great environment for your aquarium plants.

Fish Pod contains all you need to start up a coldwater aquarium and even has a tropical upgrade kit, allowing flexibility for beginners and experienced fish keepers alike.

Fish Pod’s panoramic curved glass design and high specification equipment creates a beautiful underwater world for fish keepers to enjoy their aquarium fish in.

Buy the Interpet Fish Pod glass aquarium kits from your local World of Water Superstore where you will find all your aqaurium supplies for your tropical and coldwater fish. Currently the Fish Pod is not for sale online from World of Water Direct.

Aquarium Lighting with Fish Pod 48

The aqaurium lighting in the Fish Pod 48 has night and day lighting options which bring out the true colours of the aquatic world, keeping aquariums plants healthy and the aquarium fish looking great.

The Easy Care Filtration system provides clear and healthy water with Interpet’s award winning CF filter including foams, carbon and biomedia. An Easy Start Aquarium Kit aids a successful aquarium start up with Bioactive Tapsafe and Filter Start which helps to mature the aquarium in half the time normally required.

Fish Pod 48 Features:

• Individually switched Night and Day Lighting: Bright Day White or Cool Blue Moon lighting to ensure fish look great and keeps plants healthy.

• Easy Care Filtration: New 4 stage CF filter with foams, carbon and biomedia.

• Complete Kit: Easy starter kit with Bioactive Tapsafe and Filter Start which help mature the aquarium quickly

• Dual Function: Tropical upgrade kit provides central heating for colourful tropical fish with Interpet high quality Deltatherm heater and Thermometer.