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biOrb Intelligent heater with Powerpod

£81.99 £81.99
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biOrb Intelligent heater with Powerpod

The BiOrb 50w Intelligent Heater and PowerPod is ideal for use within Reef One's various products. Being low voltage, it guarantees that dangerous high voltages and water are never mixed.

This product can also be used to power your BiOrb Aquarium and light, keeping all of your cables neatly in one single place.
Being low voltage, this product costs just a few pence per day when operating, and is convenient to use, just plug in and drop it into your aquarium.
The iHeat is preset and will keep your aquarium at a temperature of 24.5deg C, with an inbuilt thermostat checking the water temperature 3,000 times per minute, and is accurate to within 0.5deg C.

  • Suitable for all biOrb freshwater and sea water aquariums